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Presentations for Pre-schools and Day Care Centres

Our team can come to your centre to present on various topics to staff and/or parents. These can be tailored specifically to your centre on a topic of your choice, or you can choose from the subjects below.

Curious Kids provides these presentations to preschools and day-care centres free of charge. We can provide one-off, monthly, quarterly or bi-annual talks to your staff or to parents. Please get in touch to discuss your centre's next event.

If you would like your child's preschool or day care centre to host one of our presentations, please contact us for an information brochure.

Speech Sound Development

A child's speech development follows a general pattern from babbling and sounds as a baby to full words and complex sentences. This presentation explains the development of sounds, some common errors and identifies some red flags to look out for.

Social Skills & Play

Play provides children with a way to learn about the environment, their bodies and the world around them. Sometimes, children have difficulty learning to play, leading to difficulties interacting with their peers, problem solving or with impulse control. This presentation covers importance and development of play skills.

Early Literacy Skills

Early intervention for literacy difficulties can significantly prevent those issues from developing further and impacting on a child's wellbeing. This presentation provides information on early literacy development and signs of delays. Additionally, some information and explanation is provided about phonics based literacy instruction.

Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language can be used with children before they even learn to speak! This is a fantastic presentation for Early Childhood Educators to attend as it provides an introduction to some key signs they can use with the children in their care. It is also wonderful when parents can continue using these signs with their child at home, reinforcing the learning process.


Early Language Development

Children's language begins developing from the moment they are born! From listening and watching the world around them, to their first words and sentences, this talk covers the very early language development from 0-18 months and includes strategies to facilitate language development for each stage.


Communication in 3-5 year olds

Language development in the preschool years is vital in setting up a child for social, emotional and academic success. This talk covers speech sound development, language development and pre-literacy skills in children aged 3 to 5 years old.

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